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Riders Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of ALL transit riders ...

1. To complete eligibility forms Application form (5 page PDF)
and possibly a Mobility Assesment Form.

(In order to download and view PDF's you will require
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher)
Get Free Adobe Reader here Download Free Adobe Reader here

2. To notify the transit office of address, contact information
or mobility changes on your eligibility form

3. To ensure that your pick-up and drop-off locations are accessible (i.e. no stairs or barriers to prevent access with your mobility device). These locations must also accommodate the requirements of Transit vehicles to maneuver safely during all seasons of the year.

4. That snow and ice be removed from drive ways, walkways and laneways prior to your pick-up and return

5. That pets are kept clear of the bus and drivers

6. To keep grocery purchases to a reasonable quantity that can be carried by rider and/or attendant. The transit transports people, not cargo. Drivers will refuse any unreasonable size or quantity of items.

7. To pay for any parking costs incurred by the transit when the driver has no alternative drop off location.

8.  That attendants must be able to accompany and assist registered riders both to and from their drop-off location. Transit drivers will not leave anyone requiring an attendant, alone, at their drop-off location. Please ensure that friends and family are advised of this requirement.


Thank you for your adherence to the
Rider Reminders & Responsibilities”.

The co-operation of all riders will greatly assist in the operation of the transit and ensure the safety of riders and drivers.


Kiwanis Transit requests that all riders be aware of a 15 minute time window for pick-up and drop-off. As the transit strives to meet growing demand, we require flexibility in our pick-up and drop-off schedule times.

If your pick-up time is 7:30 a.m., we request that you be ready and allow 7:15 a.m. up to 7:45 a.m. for pick-up.

(Please note the above when arranging transportation for any medical appointments.)

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